1 (not before noun) involved in something or affected by it: The affair is greatly regretted by everyone concerned. | Divorce is very painful, especially when children are concerned.
(+ in): Everyone concerned in the incident was questioned by the police. (+ with): all the people concerned with children's education
2 WORRIED worried about something: Concerned parents approached the school about the problem.
(+ about): Ross has never been particularly concerned about what other people think of him. (+ for): Rescuers are concerned for the safety of two men trapped in the mine. | concerned that: He's concerned that he won't get his money back. -see nervous
3 as far as I'm concerned spoken used when giving your opinion about something or saying how it affects you, especially when you do not care what other people think: As far as I'm concerned the whole idea is crazy.
4 BE IMPORTANT TO (never before noun) believing that something is important
(+ with): Congressmen seem to be far more concerned with getting elected than with passing legislation. | be concerned to do sth: We are concerned to sort this out as quickly as possible.
5 where/as far as sth is concerned spoken used when saying what particular thing you are talking about: Where money is concerned, I always try to be very careful.
6 LOVE/CARE caring about someone and whether they are happy and healthy
(+ for/about): How can you expect me not to be concerned about my own son?
7 be concerned with if a book, story etc is concerned with a person, subject etc it is about that subject: This story is concerned with a Russian family in the 19th century.
- concernedly, adverb

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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